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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Is Madonna Good Or Bad For Israel?

It looks as if the Jewish state is humming about their "favorite Kabbala girl," Madonna. While the serious faithful look upon the material girl with much scorn, it seems the business folk are seeing her arrival as a blessing in disguise.

(Israel National News) However, tourism and business are expected to boom with her visit, and the Florida Jewish federation has pledged $8 million in contributions for projects in the region, including $100,000 to start an international Kabbala center.

Realtors also will benefit. Madonna is planning to buy a house in the Rosh Pina-Tzfat area.

Madonna's entrance into the Israeli scene may not improve the spiritual climate of the holy land, but it definitely will help raise the financial state of the region (at least for the tourism sector).

Note: While Madonna is in Israel, someone should encourage her to visit Sderot, as she may help bring some more attention to that region.

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

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