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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oracle Deepens Its Investment In Israel

Oracle's President, Safra Catz has recently announced that his company will be putting more of its money inside the kosher state.

(Globes Online) Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) intends to make further investments in Israel, said company president Safra Catz yesterday at a reception for investors, venture capitalists, and high-tech executives in Palo Alto, California. The event was also attended by Ministry of Finance director general Yarom Ariav.

Addressing the group, Catz said that Israel must be an active player in the global market, and export everything it produces, "even Prigat fruit juice."

Earlier this year, Oracle opened up its first R&D center in Petah Tikvah, and has been one of several companies (ranging from Microsoft to Google) seriously investing themselves within the Jewish state.

Hopefully more technology companies (as well as Hollywood) will begin to follow Oracle's lead, as Israel has a lot to offer to the digital/hi tech/media geek world.

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