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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Video: West Bank Story Envisions Peace Via Falafels?

I am not sure how many times the West Side Story has been retold, but this by far seems to be the most creative version ever played out (if not the most delicious). Here is a quick preview of the movie entitled the West Bank Story (with more details about the film below).

Apparently the idea was inspired by Ari Sandel who wanted a way to display his passion of politics and the middle east in a humorous fashion. After throwing in a little food, West Bank Story was born.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The title is a riff on Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story." In this case, though, the confrontation is between competing West Bank falafel stands, the Israeli Kosher King and the Palestinian Hummus Hut.

Their weapons are falafel and hummus folded into a pita, the soul food loved by all Middle East factions. [...]

Amid catchy tunes, dancing and a mugging camel, David and Fatima fall in love. After both eating establishments are set on fire, the lovers persuade the rival owners to join hands and hummus to feed their hungry customers.

Sandel was able to shoot this mini film in 14 days thanks to generous sponsors from friends and families who generously gave him $74,000 to shoot this flick.

Sandel mentions that even Warner Brothers stepped in giving him free props (talk about generous) and his film has been played in not only the Sundance Film Festival, but in the Dubai Film Festival as well (not an easy thing to enter in if you're Jewish).

Apparently their were some grumbles, but a lady from Gaza seemed to have enjoyed the film and has requested several copies for her friends and family in Gaza. (note: I think I'm going to order a copy of this film for myself as well!).

You can check out more info regarding the movie by visiting the

Update: The reaction after them winning the Oscar was priceless!

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  2. Thanks Neguev!

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