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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Set Up A Wireless Network Without The Internet?

Although this is very possible with hard lines (i.e. network cables) this can be a pain in the rear end via wireless cards. The difference between me and Israeli Professor Roi Friedman is that he actually figured out an easy way of doing this, and he is willing to share his secret for free.

(Israel 21st Century) One and a half years later, a team of PhD students under Friedman's guidance, has developed WiPeer - a new software that enables mobile and desktop computers to communicate directly with one another in a local area without any mediating factor, such as an Internet server. The software, which is available free on the Net, enables users to send messages, pictures, files, movies and games to one another wirelessly within a 100-300 meter radius. [...]

Users can transfer dozens of pictures from one computer to another in less than a minute, and even a 700 MB file can be transferred in up to 15 minutes. It is also possible to carry on chats without disturbing anyone in the vicinity or to play collaborative games like chess.

My friends are definitely going to love this piece of software, although I'll have to test it later on with another laptop. Friedman also plans on creating something similar for cell phones, enabling people to communicate to each other for free if they are in a mall or store shopping.

Users can download Wipeer over here, or simply visit the FAQ's page for more info.

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