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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Turning Radioactive Waste Into Energy And Glass?

It looks like some Israeli scientists may have solved one of our greatest environmental blunders ever known to man--what to do with the often hazardous nuclear waste.

Often expensive to store, it looks like humanity may have a way to finally deal with the "bread crumbs" of nuclear energy.

(Israel 21st Century) "It also makes a good recyclable material for building and paving roads," he assures them. Earlier, Shrem told ISRAEL21c that EER can take low-radioactive, medical and municipal solid waste and produce from it clean energy that "can be used for just about anything."

Using a system called plasma gasification melting technology (PGM) developed by scientists from Russia's Kurchatov Institute research center, the Radon Institute in Russia, and Israel's Technion Institute - EER combines high temperatures and low-radioactive energy to transform waste.

"We go up to 7,000 degrees centigrade and end at 1,400 centigrade," says Moshe Stern, founder and president of the Ramat Gan-based company.

Shrem adds that EER's waste disposal rector does not harm the environment and leaves no surface water, groundwater, or soil pollution in its wake.

The fact that they are able to do this is amazing! According to the article, it costs about $30,000 a ton just to bury nuclear waste, while EER's system of converting nuclear waste into energy/safe materials is a tenth of that!

This technology seems to have caught the ear of Ukrainians, not to mention Americans as nuclear waste is a huge problem (if not expensive) to deal with.

Image: A chunk of black, lava-like rock is the result of the process invented by EER to transform radioactive waste into an inert, safe substance. (Credit: Israel 21st Century)

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