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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Can Israeli Tech Save AOL?

I was originally going to publish the story from Globes Online, but since they only had one paragraph (come on Globes) I decided to Google for a more in depth story.

(Haaretz) AOL's new Israeli representative was not purchased only for the search technology it developed, which quickly became the American giant's rejuvenation engine, but also for blogger Orli Yakuel. [...]

"We recruited Orli in an effort to understand what is happening on the Web, as an Internet researcher and a talent scout," explains Edo Segal, CEO and founder of Relegence and currently a vice president at AOL, who reports directly to that company's product manager. "[Orli] understands users and can recommend important services that will benefit the company."

Best of luck to AOL, although I am not too sure how well they will do against Google (as they pretty much dominate the US as well as the Jewish state).

AOL did however help me out earlier today when my email went down (so I did use there services, if not for a few hours). Although they have a tough digital fight ahead of them, if anyone can bring them back into the game, it will probably be an Israeli mind as many of them are well versed in "geek" (not a bad trait to have, at least in cyberspace).

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