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Friday, March 30, 2007

Israel Exports And Housing Are Up

Okay, unless you are an investor, you may find this news to be slightly boring. But if you are an investor, this news should make you ponder about international markets such as Israel as a potential field to "sow and reap" in.

(Globes Online) Exports (excluding diamonds, ships and planes) rose by an annualized 6.7% in December 2006-February 2007, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports. Manufactured exports rose by an annualized 5% and high-tech exports rose by 8%. Imports of investment goods rose by an annualized 38%.

The data indicate that the economy is still growing faster than expected, including fairly rapid increase in private consumption.

As far as the housing goes...

(Globes Online) New home sales rose by an annualized 23% in November 2006-February 2007, compared with July-October 2006, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported today. Average monthly sales were 1,165 units, compared with 944 in July-October 2006. 1,270 new homes were sold in February, of which 1,070 were under construction and 170 were completed.

This is definitely good news to hear about! I plan on eventually living in Israel in the future (within the next couple of years) and have already been looking at some locations, especially in Tel Aviv, Netanya and possibly Haifa (the last one I hear is a "geek paradise" or a kosher version of Silicon Valley).

Hopefully this trend will continue for the next several months (although not too fast as I would like to actually be able to afford investing in Israel's growth).

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