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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio (And Girl Friend) Visit Israel

Leonardo (or Leo for short) is probably best known for staring in the chick flick Titanic, which will make any girl cry and every guy wanting to see something more entertaining.

Either way, its good to see more celebrities visiting the promise land, as that can only encourage others to follow suit.

(Ynet News) Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and his Israeli girlfriend model Bar Rafaeli toured Monday evening the Yad Vashem Museum for the commemoration of the Holocaust, which opened after hours for their visit.

DiCaprio apparently showed great interest in the tour and was moved by the experience, asking numerous questions and pausing repeatedly at various displays. The couple was expected to tour Jerusalem immediately following.

Leo seems to have a deep appreciation for the Jewish state, which may be in part to his kosher girl friend Bar Rafaeli.

The comments on Ynet are entertaining to read about this, although Leo seems to be really enjoying his stay there if some of the "Yneters" are not. Leo's appearance will definitely help out with Israel's tourism which has not seen the greatest of times since the war.

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