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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Google Adwords Threatened By Quigo?

Despite being a major player in America as well as the number one site in Israel, Google seems to be intimidated by an Israeli startup called Quigo.

(Globes Online) Quigo develops marketing technologies for content-sensitive focused search engines. The company's solutions create automatic links and enables advertisers to retrieve relevant web-based content.

The "New York Times" said, "Google and Yahoo! have been fighting it out over which company will dominate the online advertising business. Although Quigo remains a small competitor, with less than 10% of the contextual ad business, its growing success has apparently persuaded Google to change the way it sells the sponsored link ads in the future.

Advertisers seem to love Quigo, as it has given them features some have been demanding from Google's AdWords, which may be the reason that the search engine king is asking for feedback regarding their program.

Although I would love to sign up for Quigo (as a publisher), they seem to be only offering their services to "premium sites." Oh well, I guess I should simply be satisfied for the Hebrew ads Google has been displaying on my site.

Note: If anyone knows of any Israeli sponsors similar to Google Adsense, let me know so I can test them out on this site.

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