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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Coca Cola Interested In Kosher Technology

The world's largest soda company seems very interested in whether or not Israel has the "tech know how" to influence the future of Coca Cola.

(Globes Online) AICC Southeast Region Israel director Ilan Friedman said today that Coca Cola would use the visit to examine advanced technologies and concepts of Israeli companies in areas that affect all aspects of Coca Cola's business. "The idea is to examine whether Israel has technologies suited to Coca Cola. The goal is to invest, acquire companies, sign strategic agreements with companies and funds, or merge with Israeli technology companies."

I think Coca Cola will find Israel to be a bit more tech savvy than what they are use to in the states. Only time will tell whether they integrate Israeli technology as their own, but I am betting that they probably will once they get a taste of what Israel can do.

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