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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Video: Tel Aviv To Become Electric Car Heaven

It looks as if Israel's largest city after Jerusalem is going to be embracing a cleaner future by helping to promote the use of electric cars.

(Globes Online) The Tel Aviv Municipality is joining Shai Agassi's electric car venture, Project Better Place. Deputy Mayor Pe'er Wisner said today that municipality had undertaken to launch a pilot scheme with charging points for electric cars, whose production has not yet begun, to be set up across the city. Five charging points will be built initially, and once the project is completed there will be 150 points in city car parks, outside public buildings, and on city streets. Under the plan, battery replacement points will be located at the city's entrances. [...]

Wisner called city residents to close their eyes and imagine how quiet the bustling Ibn Gvirol Street would become once electric cars were on the city's streets.

(Video: Project Better Place making its point via kids)

Israel is already encouraging its citizens to use environmentally friendly vehicles, although according to some trends the Israeli population is already moving towards "greener" cars.

While electric cars may be more expensive than their gas guzzling brothers, this is a smart move for the Tel Aviv government, as it will allow the city to not only help reduce pollution, but also wean itself from dependency upon foreign oil.

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