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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Israel's Trip Touch To Make Traveling Easier?

For those of you who frequently travel the world, you may want to consider adding another site to your list.

TripTouch, a company based in Israel seeks to make it easier to travel to a foreign city (or discovering more of your own) by helping users plan out their trips, as well as discover friends along the way.

(TripTouch) TripTouch is a website for independent travelers who want the best from their trip. Everything at TripTouch is centered around your location and your personalized travel needs. TripTouch has local information, services and community all in one easy to use website.

TripTouch currently cover more than 3,000 destinations world-wide.

The site comes off as a cross between a "local version" of Lonely Planet, and the Hospitality Club. You can use the site to find inexpensive hotels, as well as where to locate a tasty snack.

TripTouch also allows users to find new friends throughout the site from different countries, which can be helpful if you want some local advice about the area you are visiting.

Note: Names marked out to protect privacy.

The only drawback about TripTouch is the basic layout (color wise), which can leave one slightly depressed. Aside from that, the site has some real potential, especially if it can leverage the local knowledge of its users, as well as attract new ones (perhaps through a Facebook App).

While the site is still in beta, users can sign up for the service for free and explore the site for themselves.

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