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Sunday, January 13, 2008

TechCrunch Debate: What's The Fuss About Israel?

With the Israel Web Tour gearing up for a California visit, Michael Arrington of the mighty TechCrunch (regarded by many as the unofficial web 2.0/startup blog) highlighted 15 Israeli startups that will be visiting the sunshine state.

Unfortunately while this has caused some political debate in the comment section, others are beginning to wonder how such a tiny country the size of New Jersey is producing so many startups for the 21st Century.

Hopefully these Israeli startups will get some decent exposure in America, as they have a lot to offer to the US (at least in cyberspace).

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1 comment:

  1. IsraGood,

    Thanks for another interesting post. I cover early stage Israeli companies and VC deal flow on VC Cafe ( and I provided information on each company that was selected to the Israel Web Tour, a week before Mr. Arrington.

    I encourage everyone to check it out at:

    Other recent headlines include:
    * Exclusive Interview: Ten questions with the founder of
    *Arnold Schwarzenegger: your Israeli seed investment just raised $8M
    * Overview: 16 Israeli companies at CES 2008 this week



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