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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kosher Highlights: Jewish Cowboys, Glowing Bacteria, And Israeli Doctors Recommending Hugs?

(Note: For some strange reason Israpundit seems to be down on my end. I'm publishing Kosher highlights here, and republish it on Israpundit when I can regain access to it.)

Update: Israpundit is back up for me! You can visit the post over here.

Perhaps I should consider publishing in a different browser (I may consider using Opera as Firefox eats up too much memory, and IE seems slow on Wordpress).

With all that is going on in politics (in the US as well as Israel), sports (note: Go Patriots!!) and work, here are some of the stories that you might have missed while ranting at the TV for whatever reason.

It looks as if Israel is offering Jewish doctors from the US, Canada and U.K. a $60,000 package deal if they choose to make Aliyah. I am not sure whether or not the doctors will consider moving (as many already make a fortune where they live) although their support would be very much appreciated in the holy land.

Speaking of doctors, it looks like Israeli doctors were able to save a mans life in JFK Airport, as well as help out a Kenyan kid needing surgery. Since we are on the theme of "helping thy neighbor," it looks as if an Israeli news agency is attempting to save a 12 year old girls life by paying for her medicine.

Meanwhile it looks as if the Fellowship of Israel and Black America (FIBA) has already kicked off, while the LA Times has an article about the true friends of Israel.

Speaking of friends, did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a passionate supporter of Israel, and that his holiday is celebrated in Israel, as well as America?

Those were some of the major headlines that stood out, and here are the rest broken down by categories.

Health & Science

It looks as if glowing bacteria could help determine if your water is safe to drink, while Israeli doctors have found a simple way to help premature babies strengthen their bones.

Meanwhile Israeli science is shedding new light on memory loss, as well as cancer research, while Israeli doctors are recommending hugs as great medicine. If you think that is good news, you may be thrilled to hear that afternoon naps may not only help you work harder, but stay healthy as well.
Rounding out this section is news that Israeli doctors are looking at desert plants for future cures.

Business & Technology

It looks as if Yahoo! is (finally) taking a second look at Israel, forming alliances to counter Google as well as considering buying out an Israeli company called FoxyTunes.

Meanwhile Google's Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) is embracing Hebrew and TechCrunch highlighted 15 Israeli companies visiting the Golden State (California), which cause a bit of a stir for those wondering why Israel is highlighted so much in the tech industry.

Moving on, it looks as if the Jewish dating site JDate is up for sale (for a lot of cash) while Peres was interviewed by Wikipedia News.

For sports lovers out there, it looks as if a new Israeli startup may shake up sports television while Israel has setup a presence within Second Life.

Governent & Environment

China is strengthing ties with Israel, while the Jewish state may play a critical role regarding an oil pipeline stretching from the middle east, to the far east.

Meanwhile Israel's Tel Aviv promoting electric cars by building "charge spots," while hybrid love (for cars) is spreading throughout the kosher state. This may be due in part to a new "green tax incentive" Israel is considerding, although it probably has to do more with modern Israeli thinking.

Ending this section is news of a solar powerplant hybrid that may make green energy more feasible for today.

Randomness & Humor

A Rabbi appeared on Jay Leno's show with a funny joke to share, while a Jewish violinist has found herself in hot demand within the hip hop/rap music industry in the US.

Speaking of America, it looks as if six Israeli cowboys are riding across the country to help raise Israeli awareness, while the manager for the NY Mets visited Israel recently, as well as Jewish actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler (who starred in the HBO serious The Sopranos).

Thanks for reading another edition of Kosher Highlights, brought to you by Darnell Clayton of Stay tuned for the next edition of Kosher Highlights, and any readers would like to see their article or blog post mentioned in the next round, they can email me at IsraGood [at] Gmail [dot] com. Shalom!

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