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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Google Losing Its Footing In Israel?

It looks as if the search engine giant may be losing some of its former mojo--at least in Israeli cyberspace.

(Globes Online) Google's status as the most viewed website in Israel weakened slightly in December, according to a TIM/Teleseker which measures weekly exposure rates among Israeli websites. Google had a weekly exposure rate of 87.8% in December, compared with 90.6% in October.

According to Globes, Google's rivals (Walla! and to a degree Ynet News) have actually increased since last October (of 2007).

While Israeli companies still have to go a long ways before Google is dethroned as the top Internet site (at least in the holy land), it is encouraging to see Israeli companies may actually give the search engine Goliath a run for its money.

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