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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Aliyah Version 2.0?

Regardless of where you live, moving can be expensive--especially if one decides to move half way around the world to a "foreign country" where the language differs from your birth tongue.

While this scenario barely describes what a Jewish individual has to consider when making Aliyah, it looks as if the Jewish Agency is considering a new way for Jews to make Aliyah, that is less risky and hopefully more appealing.

(Israel National News) In six months time, the Jewish Agency will introduce a flexible new "trial immigration" program to Jews from abroad, making them eligible for financial benefits not available to tourists, and enabling the quasi-olim (immigrants) to search for jobs and explore living options before committing to citizenship.

Jewish Agency officials say they hope to set up living quarters in Tel Aviv and Haifa for trial immigrants, and will assist with travel and living expenses.

This is probably a smart way of convincing Jews living abroad (especially the US) that living in Israel is much easier than they think.

Note: If any Jews living abroad are considering making Aliyah, I would highly recommend contacting Yael as she would have some excellent advice to share.

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