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Monday, January 28, 2008

Israel: Hydrogen Powered Cars Becoming A Reality?

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With hybrid cars already the rage in Israel, one would wonder why any company would pursue yet another "green machine," especially since the government is already pushing for electric.

But with hydrogen being one of the most abundant elements in the universe, any scientist would be out of their mind to completely ignore it as a fuel source--especially for cars.

(Globes Online) An Israeli-Russian-German venture, C.En, headed by Prof. Dan Eliezer, has recently completed a design and test program that aims at producing a safe and lightweight hydrogen tank for use in cars.

One of the biggest technological and economic challenges delaying the development of cars operated by hydrogen is the problem of safe and lightweight storage of hydrogen in the vehicle. C.En conducted more than 120 experiments over three years, which demonstrate that it is viable to store twice the amount of hydrogen than current solutions, providing a 600-km range with a 60-liter tank that weighs 50 kg, including the hydrogen.

While electric cars and hybrid cars may bring down the cost of energy, both will ultimately be dependent upon foreign oil (the former via power plants). Hydrogen on the other hand may be the key towards helping Israel (and perhaps the world) to become energy independent.

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