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Monday, January 07, 2008

Kosher Highlights: Healing Mushrooms, Aliyah 2.0 And Why Israeli Boycotts Are Unhealthy?

Note: Since it looks as if is down (for the moment, at least for me), Kosher Highlights will be published here and republished on Israpundit when the server comes back up.

Update: Kosher Highlights has been republished over on Israpundit.

It has been another interesting week (plus several days) for Israel, and despite all that is happening in the political arena (which is mostly saber rattling if you ask me), the sun keeps on shining brightly on the Jewish state.

First off it looks as if Israel 21st Century (which provides highlights about Israel's tech, science and medicine) is sporting a whole new look.

Speaking of highlights, it looks as if a majority of Palestinians living in Israel prefer to stay in Israel while Judaism may officially receive its own television channel.

Also it seems that large Israeli families are on the rise while more Israeli's have made aliyah last December.

Speaking of aliyah, it looks as if aliyah version 2.0 may in a "beta test" right now.

In other news, a Kenyan runner who enraged his former country (Bahrain) for running in Israel will be running again inside the Jewish state. Perhaps his former country should learn why boycotting Israel can be a bad idea.

Those are some of the brief highlights, now here are some of the other interesting articles broken down by catetories.

Health & Environment

Prostate cancer beware! It looks as if Israeli scientists have rediscovered the healing power of mushrooms while organic kiddie clothes could become the latest fashion for toddlers.

Moving on, it looks like Israel is graciously sending over 60,000 vaccines to Palestine to combat bird flu, as well as actively passing "green laws" to discourage to use of plastic bags (which can be environmentally unfriendly).

Meanwhile it looks as if the solar power plant will finally be built in Negav, while Israeli and Singapore companies are teaming up to fight Hepatitis.

Business & Economy

Techcrunch is reporting that Hooja (a search tech company from Israel) has raised over $1 million, while also informing us that IBM has purchased Israel's XIV for $350 million.

In other good news, Israel's auto industry seems to be doing very well while Nokia Israel's sales reached a billion dollars in 2007.

Speaking of a billion, did you know that trade between Israel and Nigeria also reached a billion dollars? Did you also know that Israeli diamond exports were twelve times that amount last year?

Government & Influence

There seems to be more information out regarding Bush's visit towards Israel while India is seeking to strengthen military ties between itself and the Jewish state.

Israel is also upgrading its ties with America, as well as pondering whether or not to hook up IDF with GPS devices.

Meanwhile two Rabbis seem to be really popular in Ukraine, ranking higher than many foreign ambassadors.

Internet & Technology

It looks as if 90% of Israeli youth are hooking up to the Internet while some new Israeli technology may make laptop power cables go extinct.

Speaking of laptops, Dell notebooks will soon be powered by Israeli tech and the Red Herring lists six Israeli businesses among its top 100 tech companies for 2007.

Last but not least (in this section) Australian Jews seem really excited about backing this agritech fund.

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