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Monday, April 23, 2007

Words Of Advice For Those Seeking Aliyah has an awesome article for those of you (whether Jewish or Gentile) seeking to make Aliyah to Israel. There are ten tips total, but here are a listing of the first three:

  1. Keep an Open Mind
    Elad Gefen, 27, who works in film and journalism and currently lives in Tel Aviv, highlights open-mindedness and lack of expectations as the number one ingredient for Aliyah success. He cautions against regarding the move to Israel as a "cure-all" or as a "flip of the switch" which will automatically change a person's life. "You've got to work at it," he says.

  2. Keep the Kids Happy
    [...] "We figured if our children are happy, we'll be happy and our aliyah will be successful," points out Yehuda Saar. He was right. After touring schools and neighborhoods, the Saars decided to settle down in Ra'anana, where their children are thriving. Yehuda works as a commodities trader and is enthusiastic about his family's relocation to Israel.

  3. Keep the Connection Alive
    One of the most difficult challenges new immigrants encounter is the loneliness of leaving loved ones behind. Keeping up with family and friends is critical for a successful aliyah. Too much loneliness and homesickness are definite success-busters, and it's important to make the effort. Immigrants would do well to consider getting an all-you-can-talk phone line which can be used to make international calls for a set fee each month.

Reading these tips made me realize just how expensive (and difficult) life can be while moving towards Israel. I know of a few bloggers who have made the move (like this one) and their stories of transition are an eye opener, if not humorous to say the least.

Be sure to check out the other seven tips, as the first three here are merely the frosting on the cake regarding this issue.

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