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Monday, April 23, 2007

Microsoft Looking For A Few Good Israelis

Software king giant Microsoft is on the prowl again for some tech savvy engineers after acquiring an Israeli start-up not too long ago.

(Globes Online) The company has opened its second development center in Israel, a year after appointing corporate VP Moshe Lichtman to run it and acquiring 3 Israeli start-ups. [...]

The company will begin intensive recruitment of 150 employees, mostly software developers, for the center next week, and plans to complete hiring within a few months. Microsoft Israel confirmed that the company would shortly begin recruitment.

It seems like Microsoft is attempting to position itself as the dominant internet company in the region, in order to thwart Google's attempts at carving out Israeli talent for itself.

Either way, this spells good news for the Israeli economy, although I wonder when Yahoo! is going to enter into the fray?

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