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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Merlin Communications Takes On Google Ads

I have never heard of Merlin Communications before but it seems that an Israeli firm is hoping to take on the Google Goliath when it comes to text advertisements, at least in Israel.

( via Globes Online) Merlin Communications CEO Yoni Sapir said, This is a breakthrough in a world dominated solely by Google. Google Israel has two substantial contracts with Tapuz People Ltd. (TASE:TPUZ) and Netex (Net Express) Ltd. (TASE:NTX), and our contract is bigger than both of them combined.

He added, The agreement with Ynet, Israel's leading portal of its kind, positions Merlin alongside Google Israel in terms of traffic to its pay ads. Merlin's system has tremendous traffic, and there are many advertisers who tell us that the number of leads they create through us is larger than through Google Israel.

Ironically it seems as if this field is quickly heating up, as Quigo has previously announced their intentions to challenge the search engine king.

Google had previously begun serving up Hebrew ads throughout its network, and has recently purchased DoubleClick (which will probably cement their rule in this arena as DoubleClick has a lot of clients).

Nonetheless it's good to see some real competition in the Israeli market, as this will benefit everyone around (at least webmasters that is).

Note: I wonder when Google's Israeli competitors will open the field to smaller sites like me?

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