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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Israel Becoming A Popular Place For Marriages?

It looks like more and more Jews from the Diaspora are choosing their eternal homeland as the place to tie the knot rather than more exotic destinations in their countries of origin.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) In recent years an increasing number of Jewish couples from abroad looking for an alternative to a formal wedding at home or a more typical remote destination in the Caribbean or Tuscany have decided on Israel as the place to break the glass and officially start their lives together.

"We are very casual and would not have had a black-tie wedding," said Gena Bresgi, 23, of New York City, who was married last year in a large glass hall amid the lush gardens of a kibbutz. "Our wedding had a nice feel, very relaxed. There was not that high pressure."

It was her husband's first visit to Israel, and together the two families toured the country. Close friends and relatives who came used the wedding as part of an Israeli vacation, too.

The cool thing about this is that many Israeli's claim that the weddings in Israel are cheaper than say in Europe and America. They are also less formal than their western counterparts (which may help relieve some stress) which is something that surprised me very much.

Hopefully the Israeli government can convince some of these people to stay (or commit Aliyah at a future date) as this would be a great opportunity to show case what Israel is all about.

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