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Friday, April 06, 2007

A Spoon Full Of Bacteria Makes The Oil Spills Go Away?

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Image: A local fisherman standing ankle deep in oil. Credit, GreenPeace.

As every earth caring person knows, oil spills are not good for the planet. Not only do they destroy the environment, but they can harmful to businesses as well.

Cleaning up the spills can be even more exspensive, which led one Israeli scientist to engineer a little creature to take care one of humanities major messes.

(Israel 21st Century) Previous mechanical methods the company used of sifting the dirty oil through sand, proved to be difficult, expensive and not entirely 'clean'. Prompted by a visit from Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection, Levi started looking for new solutions. He was introduced to BioPetroClean, which took a sample of the EAPC's oil contaminated water back to the lab and the boardroom. [...]

To convince EAPC, BioPetroClean built a two by two meter cement tank near its oil storage facilities in Ashkelon. Inside it, the company added the bacteria, suspended in a liquid medium, to hundreds of gallons of contaminated water. Within a few days, the murky water came out of the tank crystal clear.

What makes this technique even better is the fact that the bacteria are about eight times cheaper than their mechanical "friends," making it not only affordable but also a better alternative.

But this technology also has uses outside of oil spills. These bacteria could also be mixed with public water facilities, as people (sadly) dump more oil via kitchen facets into the ocean than the big broken oil ships that make the news.

Update: Forgot to mention the corporate website! You can find more info over at

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