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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Israeli Forest Named After Australian Prime Minister

(Image Credit: CNN)

(Hat Tip: Israellycool)

How cool is this! Australian Prime minister John Howard will have an Israeli forest named after him (to his honor) for standing with Israel through thick and thin.

( PRIME Minister John Howard will be honoured with a Jewish National Fund (JNF) forest in his name at a gala dinner in Melbourne next month.

To be named the John Howard Negev Forest, the forest will be located in Israel's Negev region, the focus of the JNF's Negev Now campaign.

Howard is expected to personally accept the honour at the fundraiser for JNF's Victorian branch at Crown Palladium on May 20, which will also feature Lebanese-born Middle East commentator Brigitte Gabriel.

JNF Victorian president Tom Borsky praised the Howard Government for its "genuine commitment and friendship towards the Jewish community".

John Howard has been one of the few western nations whose leadership has demonstrated a genuine friendliness towards the Jewish people, and it is good to see his name honored upon Israeli land.

As far as I can tell, most nations honor a person by naming a street or building after them, and even going as far as building a statue to their honor. Not Israel. They'll name a piece of the ecosystem after your name, which (in my opinion) definitely beats dead stone engraved to your image.

Update (5/1): It looks like something similar is being done for Coretta Scott King.

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