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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Israeli's Love To Have Babies!

This must have something to do with the be fruitful commandment, either that or Jewish women really enjoy the whole procreation process (with the help of their lovers of course!).

(Ynet News) An Israeli woman has 3 children on average, making Israel more fertile than all European countries.

Fertility data submitted by the Health Ministry to the World Health Organization showed that for every 1000 Israelis 24 babies are born each year.

The European yearly average is 10 babies for every 1000 citizens. [...]

Israel also faired well on life expectancy which was found to be 80 years. The European average is 79.

With the average European population decreasing, and Israel increasing (and living longer), perhaps in two centuries the Jews will outnumber their European friends. Heh!

(Image Credit: Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County)

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  1. One question: Does the 3 babies per woman statistic include just the Jewish Israeli women or Arab Israeli women, as well? If it does include Arab women, then you'd better stop cheering about Jewish Israeli fertility until you see the statistic for Jewish women alone.

  2. Hey Joanne,

    Thanks for stopping by! As far as I can tell, this deals with strictly Jewish women, as to my knowledge Arab Israeli women generally have more than three kids (not cited in the article but something I noticed while visiting there).

    NewsMax cited an article about this in the past, although I can not find any current information regarding Arab Israeli women.


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