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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Radio Station Broadcasting Peace

(Image: Palestinian Aziz Abu Sarah, left, and Israeli Sharon Mishiker, hosts of Radio All For Peace's 'New Direction' show. Credit: Sharon Mishiker, via JTA)

Palestinian Aziz Abu Sarah and Israeli Sharon Mishiker host a show called New Direction on Radio All For Peace, a radio station whose goal is to help bring dialogue between the Israeli's and Palestinians.

The show has been interviewing the surviving families of the conflict on both sides, in an effort to at least get both Jews and Arabs to understand the common pain that they both share.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) "There are many differences between Palestinians and Israelis, the war isn't over and the killings haven't ended -- but the pain of bereavement that exists on both sides is an equal pain," Mishiker and Abu Sarah said on the air Monday morning, in alternating Hebrew and Arabic, as they introduced the Memorial Day marathon. [...]

"Each side, the Palestinian side and the Israeli side, tends to recognize its own pain and ignore the other's pain," said Shimon Malka, the station's Israeli co-director. "Through this day of programming, Radio All For Peace's message is clear: No one is alone. Pain is not exclusive."

This station has interviewed an impressive list of individuals, helping those who have lost loved ones forgive those who may have been responsible in their deaths. They also help family members grieve for the lost, enabling both sides to recognize each other's pain and perhaps seek out a normal relationship between both groups of people.

You can find more about Radio All for Peace over here, and for those who desire to tune it they have a radio section for online listeners as well.

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