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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Video: A New Way To Watch Television? (Israel)

(Hat Tip: IsRealli and USA Today)

As anyone who has ever watched baseball or football game, it is usually not until after the game (and your favorite team has lost) that most of the key stats, analysis, etc. are revealed.

While hindsight 20/20 may benefit the announcers (who often annoy you with their "he should have done this/that rhetoric), SportVu has created an innovative way to benefit coaches (and fans) in the present.

(SportVu) Broadcasters are able to show live tactical ("radar") views of the players' deployment on the playing field as well as instantly display statistical performance data through automatic analysis and semantic extraction. In addition to delivering dramatic viewing enhancements, an attractive new platform for sponsors, new interactive advertising opportunities, and other revenue generation options to broadcasters, the system also enables rights' owners to leverage their properties by offering live graphical presentation of the event over the web, on a gaming console, or to a mobile handset. SportVU addresses the major action-oriented, spectator sports: American football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer.

With sports being a major commercial industry in the world (note: as it gives people something positive to focus on--provided your team wins), I would not be surprised to see SportVu's technology (or something similar) being used within every major sporting event within half a decade.

Hopefully SportVu will consider expanding beyond television, as there are plenty of iPhone lovers who would dream of this software within the palm of their hands.

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