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Monday, November 24, 2008

Israel: Turning Garbage Dumps Into Garden Parks

(Hat Tip: IsRealli, Image Credit: Ayalon Park)

When it comes to discussing the future of garbage dumps, many cities usually consider two options: how to expand it, or where to find a new location (as the current spot becomes full).

While some may always argue we will always have space to place more garbage, it looks as if a few citizens outside of Tel Aviv decided to change the outlook of their landfill from a stinky one to one that has more of a green perspective.

(Tree Hugger) For decades, Hiriya, a 2,000 acre garbage dump, has sat on the outskirts of Tel Aviv as an ecological and aesthetic blight. At its center was Hiriya Mountain—a massive 230 foot mound of waste. But after an intensive national revitalization effort the eyesore has reemerged as Ayalon Park, and the mountain is being transformed into an eco-tourism attraction replete with terraces, ridge groves and footpaths for hiking. When completed, it will rank as one of the largest metropolitan parks in the world.

Ayalon Park will serve as a 24 hour destination for recreation in Israel, as well as a learning center designed to educate visitors about recycling and other ecologically friendly practices.

It's great to see Ayalon Park being used to demonstrate how humans can change their environment for the better (not to mention providing an excellent example to kids on how to take care of our planet).

The city of Tel Aviv began this project last year, and while they probably still have a long ways to go, hopefully other cities in the country (as well as the world) will adopt their methods in order to make a greener future for all of us.

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1 comment:

  1. This is an idea Israel can export to the world. This story has been circling the globe. It's about time Hiria got some positive publicity for a change...


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