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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Israel's Bojam Attempts The Impossible (Music Revolution)

A controversial woman once said "Music--makes the people--come together," and it looks as if one Israeli startup by the name of Bojam is aiming to do just that by allowing artists to collaborate together--even if they are physically separated by mountains, oceans and continents.

(Israel 21st Century) Covering the world of music, Bojam has created a platform that lets musicians anywhere in the world collaborate on their music. It means a guitar player in Seattle can record with a Chinese zither player in China, while simultaneously working on a recording with a singer in Germany.

Bojam, which was founded in May 2008 and launched in alpha stage at TechCrunch in September, follows a worldwide trend started by Wikipedia and other open-source content and software creators, to make music into a collaborative, community event. [...]

Advanced editing tools, and sound effect tools can be used to clean up the song, which can then be shared for the next musician to play a role in. The result is a mass collaboration of music - a wiki-style platform says the company - for adding song info, lyrics and instrument tabs.
Bojam announced its presence to the world a few months ago at the TechCrunch50 (which allows startups to announce their presence to not only the world, but to investors as well).

While their main goals is to help artists/bands create music together, regardless of their location, Bojam also is attempting to challenge distribution giants such as iTunes and Amazon (which are my favorite places to shop online).

The company is still in beta (as of this post) and it will be interesting to see how much impact this site has on the music industry a year from now (who may see Bojam as a potential threat).

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