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Monday, November 24, 2008

Michigan Seeks Out Israeli Tech

With the economic crisis severely affecting the auto industry, it looks as if the Governor of Michigan is seeking to add some job diversity to the region by attracting tech companies from the Jewish state.

(Israel National News) After meeting with Prime Minister Olmert, the governor signed a joint agreement with Indusry and Trade Minister Yishai. The partnership between Israel and Michigan will include a research team that will focus on innovative technology to increase energy efficiency, improve water quality and increase water reuse. [...]

Gov. Granholm also held meetings in Haifa with technology companies that she hopes will help create jobs in her home state. She visited Senso Optics, a homeland security and defense company that creates technology for lenses used for airport security and border control, and sensors for day and night vision.
While the governor expects the partnership to provide up to 1,000 extra jobs for Michigan, she might want to consider checking out what Israel is doing in the auto-tech field ranging from electric cars to hydrogen cars (unless a flying car suits her style).

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