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Monday, November 10, 2008

Investers Heart Israeli Cleantech

With news of the global meltdown, upcoming worldwide recession and the massive layoffs affecting plans for the holidays, one would figure that most companies would be a little hesitant about investing their money into startups.

While most companies would probably find it impossible (or at least very hard) to find wealthy individuals willing to finance a project, it looks as if Israeli startups within the cleantech (or green technology) industry are still attracting investors in New York and Boston.

(Globes Online) Investors in New York and Boston participated in two meeting of the Israel Cleantech Investor Conference last week for Israeli water and alternative energy technology start-ups and venture capital funds. The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and the Israeli economic attaché in New York organized the conferences. Participants said that the conferences were great successes, belying earlier worries that the global financial crisis would keep away potential investors. [...]

Oren added that the economic difficulties currently facing many countries are an opportunity, not an obstacle, for companies offering advanced technologies aimed at solving global problems. "One of the results of the financial crisis will be a significant rise in unemployment in many countries, probably including in the US. One of the usual solutions for dealing with unemployment is government spending on infrastructures. This creates opportunities for cleantech, and the proof is the great interest shown by investors in Israeli technologies."
Most of the startups represented were "water-tech" companies, which included:

  • Aquatal: a company who creates water treatment and water dispenser systems.
  • Cequesta Water: a startup in the business for wastewater treatment (as well as sludge dewatering).
  • AquaPure: Another wastewater treatment company.
  • CheckLight: This innovative startup uses glowing bacteria to determine water safety.
  • En Gibton: Yet another water treatment company (note: are you noticing a trend here *smiles*).
  • E.P.C.: This company provides onsite water waste treatment (which may separate them from the rest).
The second group included energy and geek tech startups such as:
  • Coriolis Wind: These guys (and/or gals) have an innovative approach when it comes to wind power (note: hopefully I will be able to do a future post regarding this company).
  • CQM: This company has found a way to clean heating and cooling towers (with a green twist).
  • Leviathan Energy: Uses both wind and water power (hydro and oceanic) to produce green energy.
  • RealiteQ: According to them, they are "a platform that facilitates the monitoring and controlling of remote distribute devices over public or private networks."
  • Engineuity: They are focused on alternative energy sources (although they do not disclose what "field" they are operating in).
Hopefully this is just the beginning for Israeli corporations, as the tiny Jewish state has a lot to offer the world (at least as far as green technology goes).

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