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Monday, November 17, 2008

Israel's M.I.L.B.A.T Partners With Toys 'R' Us

(Hat Tip: IsRealli)

M.I.L.B.A.T., an organization that creates many accessories for disabled adults and children is partnering with Toys 'R' Us in order to help make toys more play friendly for kids with special needs.

(Ynet News) For the first time in Israel, the M.I.L.B.A.T. Center for Technology and Accessibility, which helps develop accessories for disabled children and adults, together with the Toys 'R' Us toy store chain, is launching a catalogue of products which will make games more accessible for children with special needs. The booklet includes about 100 different products suitable for the use of children with special needs. All products presented in the catalogue have been tested by M.I.L.B.A.T. professionals. [...]

"Through the catalogue, parents can pick toys which develop eyesight, hearing, thinking, feeling, social skills, self-esteem, language, frisky or gentle motors, and creativity. The association's volunteers can be found in the toy chain's various stores and will personally tailor the designated toy to each child."

According to Ynet News, M.I.L.B.A.T. is not charging parents for the labor and time for modifying the toys, although they may have to pay a minor fee for materials.

This service only only available in Israel (at least through M.I.L.B.A.T.) so unless you feel comfortable paying international shipping, Europe and the US may have to look elsewhere for inexpensive toys for kids with special needs.

(Image Credit: M.I.L.B.A.T catalog)

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