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Monday, November 17, 2008

Alfabetic: Universal Translator For Blogs And Websites? (Israel)

For those of you who read TechCrunch, you may remember Alfabetic from the TechCrunch50 event two months ago.

Originating from Israel, Alfabetic's goal is to make it easier for blogs and websites to have their content published in other languages where the vast majority of users are not familiar with the English language.

(Israel 21st Century) If you are a content owner of a news website or blog monetizing your content through ads, millions of hits will never reach your site simply because potential readers can't read it. A new Israeli company Alfabetic, is taking a major leap towards changing the way the non-English world consumes content, creating new business opportunities for content owners, while making the Internet a truly democratic forum. [...]

Broshi explains that a new breakthrough in the academic world in statistical machine translations, has enabled superior machine learning of languages recently. These algorithms from the academic world paired with Alfabetic's own technology, and an international team of translators, creates top-notch translated content, as though it were produced by the world's best translators. But without the high costs, of course.
Even though the reception among the bigger blogs out there was not as warm (as many of them have international writers in various markets), Alfabetic's technology and services may suite smaller blogs who would probably be willing to pay a small fee to have a human review a post translation (hint: like IsraGood!!!).

The site is currently in beta right now, although users can sign up in order to be informed when the site launches towards the public.

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