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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Israel To Construct Joint Airport With Palestine?

First they were cleaning rivers together, then creating operating systems (note: watch out Microsoft!) and last their was that whole industrial park story posted earlier.

Am I sensing a trend?

( The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) is considering building a joint Israeli-Palestinian airport on the Poleg beach south of Netanya, authority chairman Ovadia Eli said this weekend.

Addressing an economic conference at Ben-Gurion Airport, Eli said that the airport would be jointly managed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. To facilitate Palestinian access, it would be connected to the West Bank via a tunnel. "This would be a confidence-building measure that would enable international fund-raising," he said. "There are high-level talks [about the proposal] on both sides. Former British prime minister Tony Blair is also involved in the matter."
Even though this news may not be as entertaining as the West Bank Story, its intention (and overall purpose) is similar--to help bring Israeli's and Palestinians together in peace (as opposed to war).

While there is no word on whether this airport would be international or merely serve the middle east region, its construction could help ease the tensions between both sides (not to mention help bring about peace in the region for at least a season).

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