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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Israel: Water From Aether, Powered By Green Energy

Water, water everywhere--but what about pulling it from the air?

Even though there are many ways to pull water from the air (as anyone with a dehumidifier or an air conditioner would inform you), one company from Israel called EWA (or Extraction of Water from Air) has created a way to not only pull and filter water from aether, but power their device via green energy.

(Israel 21st Century) Essentially EWA (which stands for Extraction of Water from Air), has developed a clean technology that extracts water from the air, while using little energy in the process. The key is in its unique water adsorption technology - which employs a solid desiccant to trap the water - and a special energy saving condenser that reuses more than 85 percent of the energy input to the system.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar power, biofuel, waste heat or even the heat from organic matter are compatible with the system. [...]

The technology, Bar tells ISRAEL21c, works in three steps: first is the absorption of air's humidity, then the removal of water from a solid desiccant (silica based gel granules) which holds the water, and third, condensation. The absorption of the humidity is an exothermic process (involving heat release), humidity absorption occurs spontaneously, and only minimal energy is used as the air is pumped through the unit. Heat recovery techniques are integrated as part of the condenser, reducing the cost for producing water to a reasonable price, similar to other processes, such as desalination.
Demand for EWA devices is already heating up, with the company predicting sales of $5 million by the end of this year (and a $100 million by 2009!).

EWA's various products (which produce anywhere from 10 liters to 1,000 cubic meters of water daily) may spell the difference between life and death for many regions--many who lack the means to pump water due to lack of electricity or clean streams (or even both).

EWA could also be used for disaster areas (whether they are caused by nature or by war), as power and water can be scarce for regions affected by the trauma (at least in the east).

Note: EWA and other water tech companies (such as Nirosoft and Water Sheer) may help the Jewish state abroad, as the government could heavily promote these technologies in order to help build bridges between "rowdy" countries.

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