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Monday, June 02, 2008

Video Highlights Of Israeli Tech (And Health)

Update (7/3): Listen to this post, courtesy of Bnarrator!

It looks as if Israel 21st Century has created a video highlighting some of Israel's top start ups emerging out of the country--with some of them having the potential to revolutionize our planet (at least within their respective fields).

Companies featured are:
  • Oramed (which could bring about oral insulin)
  • iMedix (a social network making it easier to find/share health information)
  • Millenium Solar (inexpensive efficient solar technology--enough said!)
  • Argo-Housing (which could help make houses greener)
  • Mobileye (using digital technology to improve road safety)
  • ICS Motors (fuel efficient greener motors--that may be cheaper than current models)
  • Nanomaterials (producing strong material at the molecular level)
  • C-True Imaging (uses your face as a secure login)

More companies can be seen over here.

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