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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Israel: Curing Heroin, Opiate Addiction Within 36 Hours?

Update (7/3): Listen to this post, courtesy of Bnarrator!

(Image Credit: Karin Kloosterman, via Israel 21st Century)

Regardless whether its a friend, co-worker or family member, drug addiction can be one of the most devastating things to happen to any relationship.

For those affected by their addictions, their "drug of choice" can easily warp their worldview, and coming clean from their addiction may not only be hard on the body, but often time consuming as well (which can drive up the cost of treatment).

Fortunately it seems as if Dr. Waismann (aka "Dr. Wash"), a doctor hailing from Israel is pioneering a unique way to help addicts of not only prescription opiates, but even heroin and methadone as well.

(Israel 21st Century) Supervised by Israel's Ministry of Health, Dr. Waismann is a surgeon and intensive care doctor by training. "I use more than medicine," he says. "Heroine [sic] addiction withdrawal symptoms lead to vomiting and are terribly painful," he says. To rapidly overcome the pain aspect, Dr. Waismann puts his patients under general anesthesia for four hours and during this time he washes opiates out of their brain.

He then gives the patient a cocktail of medically approved drugs, to block the opiate receptors in the brain. The whole treatment from start to finish takes 36 hours.

Called the ANR Method for (Accelerated Neuroregulation), Dr. Waismann is at the same time able to reverse both the opiate dependency and its symptoms. The treatment works on heroine [sic], methadone, subutex and prescription opiates. While the cost of treatment is high at 8,600 Euros, Dr. Waismann also treats people with medical insurance in Israel, such as wounded soldiers who have become addicted to painkillers.

While there are rumors that Dr. Waismann is treating patients ranging from average people to celebrities (such as Amy Winehouse), Waismann is refusing to confirm the identities of the patients (to the sorrow of the paparazzi), guaranteeing privacy to individuals seeking help.

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  1. I had this method done on me, which included 8 helish days getting flushed with naltrexone in richmond VA ....the doc in charge of procedure forgot to mention that it had a total blockade on the dopamine system for the first week it was in your body and ended up somehow even blocking weed, which is unrealistic giving the pain of what i was going through marijuana is very useful for the stomach naseau and that became a real shame.

    because of that i ended up having a total breakdown.....i was prescribed on heavy doses of valium then xanex; and though i couldnt tell at the time was running my body close to the death point.
    they were helpful at first but still treated the procedure like the latest fad wraped up in the bowed package... they basically left ya feeling like you had just had electro shock thearpy
    and even though clean so mentally disturbed from the rabid effect that your stilled destined to end up back on dope just from the sheer mania its caused your mind to have to experiance

    sorry the naltrexone flush isnt as magic as they said

    another f lop in the world of recovery for some of us poor addicts

    - gabriel X -

  2. in response to below; definatly this method is rough with methadone due to long life of the drug in the body, poppy tea, oxys, h, and the more powerful narcotics....i was say 0 percent success having a chemical cop under your skin implanted that catches your opiates ends up causes mania and you cant wait for it to wear off after 3 months NOW GO FROM OPIATES TO A DRUG LIKE SUBOXONE WHICH HAS BEEN A LIFE SAVER FOR ME SO MUCH IM THINKING ABOUT A LONG TERM SWITCH AND THEN SOME DAY TRYING THE CHEMICAL DETOX AGAIN I BELIEVE WOULD WORK, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE READY AND IN THE RIGHT MIND SET AGAIN, BOTTEM LINE THE CHEMICAL DETOX IS GROUND BREAKING QUICK AND WOULD BE GREAT ON ITS OWN....BUT WARNING DO NOT GET THE NALTREXONE IMPLANT THAT THEY RECOMMEND FOR LONG TERM BLOCKING ------it tends to block natural endorphins from producing as well.....i hate trying to discourge but it was he ll for me guys
    - gabriel X -


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