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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dating 4 Disabled (Designed By Israel)

Whether it be MySpace, Facebook, Orkut or YouTube, social networks are on the rise globally.

Although newcomers entering the scene would probably be unable to generate revenue marketing their site to everyone, they may be able to grab their "slice of the pie" by creating a site for a specific group of people.

While some companies focus on developing sites based on culture or race, one site--developed by Israelis--created a site to help the disabled find friends and ultimately a lover.

(Israel 21st Century) nterdate's founders, Yuval Katz and Daniel Brunicki, decided to focus on the disabled community out of both entrepreneurial and social concerns. "D4D was born out of our understanding that, although they surf a great deal on the Internet, the disabled population the world over was under-attended," Brunicki explains to ISRAEL21c.

"On the other hand, we had advanced Internet capabilities. So we decided to do a good deed. We view the site as a community service, and beyond that, there's also a business opportunity; there are 30 million disabled persons in the US alone. Our business model is ad-based - the site is free and we don't intend to ever charge payment - but we do intend to attract ads that are relevant to the community: services, exhibitions, etc., with a special emphasis on the US market," he adds. [...]

"I get very close to people. I have a woman from California who's an amputee. She met someone a month and a half ago on the site. Now she just met him in person and she called me. She had a wonderful time. Another woman wrote to tell me she just went to Sweden to meet her guy. Who knows what will happen, but it's exciting!"

Even though the site does not boast the raw numbers of the bigger social networks, Dating 4 Disabled seems to be helping many of its members find true love, positive news one does not here very frequently from most social networks.

Note: It will be interesting to see how much this site changes in five years, not to mention if they will launch similar sites based upon users locations.

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