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Monday, June 02, 2008

Israel To India: How About A Million Olive Trees?

(Hat Tip: IsRealli, Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Housing well over a billion people within the country, the nation of India is looking for a "few good green thumbs" to help not only raise food, but provide a decent income for farmers.

Fortunately it seems as if the Asian giant is turning to its favorite ally in order to help plant a million olive trees in the northern deserts of the subcontinent.

(Times Online) The desert of Rajasthan in the north of India is to be planted with a million olive trees grown in Israel in an effort to transform the landscape and the fortunes of its struggling farmers. [...]

Israeli technology companies will be drafted in to lend their expertise on matters such as water recycling and irrigation. In their home country, Israeli scientists have been credited with "greening" the Negev desert, performing what has been termed an agricultural miracle.

Indian olive oil is likely to find a ready market in the West as there is a global shortage of the product amid rising demand.

This is not the first time Israel has assisted India, as the Israeli companies have previously assisted India in developing green houses.

Often known for their healing properties, olive trees may help boost India's economy by helping struggling farmers make a living outside of the traditional crop.

Note: Hopefully Israel can expand this opportunity towards middle eastern nations as it may help encourage stronger diplomatic relations (as its neighborhood is known for being a "bit rowdy"). :-)

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