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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

EU To Israel: Lets Be Business Partners

After waiting over a year for a response, it looks like the European Union will be finally upgrading its ties to the Israeli state, a feat some thought the Jewish state would never see (at least with Europe's perceived political climate).

( The European Union, turning aside Palestinian objections, has announced upgraded relations with Israel in the form of a range of steps involving commerce, the economy, and academic ties as well as improvements in the diplomatic dialogue between the sides. [...]

In the economic sphere, Israel will join European agencies and working groups with the aim of bringing the Israeli economy closer to European standards, and to help Israeli companies more easily contend with the European commercial market, particularly in the fields of high-tech and aviation.

Europe is also talking about having European universities recognize degree's by Israeli's across the Mediterranean, which would help out aspiring doctors, lawyers and IT professionals gain the extra expertise (as well as potentially networking with their new European friends).

Note: Looking back "in hindsight," one probably should have realized this was inevitable, especially with Europe courting Israel before (with France and Germany leading the way).

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