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Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome To Eilat! (Israel's Future Solar City)

(Image Credit: Thomas Springer via Wikipedia)

Eilat, a city located in the southern half of Israel is often known for its beautiful skies and cloudless days, not to mention

But it looks as if the tourist town may receive a new title in the future, as it prepares to demonstrate to the world that communities can be powered by "green" energy.

(Israel National News) The Infrastructure Ministry has announced a mammoth project that will supply Eilat with almost of its needed electricity by using a solar power station. Approximately 3,000 acres will be set aside for the project. Ministry officials said that there are very few cloudy days in Eilat that would require using electricity from the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC).

Israeli's seem to be very comfortable harnessing the power of the sun, exploring new and innovative ways to improve solar technology, not to mention helping other regions ranging from California to Korea.

Adopting solar energy should help Israel deal with the rising demand of energy, which may help convince other nations that going green is in fact a good idea.

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