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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sad News: No Israel Baseball This Year

Despite the fact that the Israel Baseball League started out with a bang (note: I am a Blue Sox fan), it looks as if the league is considering taking a year off in order to reorganize.

(Israel National News) Ron Blumberg, who managed the Beit Shemesh Blue Sox championship team in last year's inaugural Israel Baseball League (IBL) season, said the IBL may not return to action until next year. He revealed that financial problems may force the league to take a one-year break this summer, which is the Sabbatical (Shemittah) year.

Although this is disappointing, we should all be proud that the league was launched successfully in the holy land, not to mention the fact that it helped a few Jewish players get picked up by major leagues in America.

Hopefully we will see the Israel Baseball League return in 2009 with not only a larger bank account, but also more teams throughout the region.

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  1. For complete coverage of the rise and fall of The Israel Baseball League,visit the Baseball in Israel site at


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