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Monday, April 07, 2008

IDF Special: Jewish Pop Star Signs Up For Service

While usually known for enlisting youth from various backgrounds, it looks as if the IDF will be adding a pop singer to its ranks.

( Maya Buskila, an Israeli pop star more than a decade past the average age of enlistment, will join the Israeli army April 13, just as the marketing campaign for her latest album kicks into gear. The singer’s enlistment, announced by her record company, will make Buskila one of the most famous — and one of the oldest — new recruits to the military, where soldiers are typically taken shortly after they turn 18. [...]

Buskila, who will release the first single off her next album after Passover, will undergo two weeks of basic training and is expected to serve as an entertainer during her two years of service.

The IDF soldiers will probably enjoy hearing some music from Maya Buskila, although it will be interesting to see if she comes up with any new music while going through basic training.

According to the article, Maya Buskila is looking forward towards her new adventure as a soldier, and although I would not be too surprised to see the IDF promoting her decision to enlist within Israel.

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