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Monday, April 21, 2008

Aquaguard: Reducing Water Costs For Cities And Neighborhoods

Stream Control, an Israeli company operating in the water tech industry may have developed a way to help reduce the costs of pumping water to homes by finding a way to thwart water leaks--before they start.

(Israel 21st Century) Water moves through the underground supply pipes, available for use instantly when people turn on the tap. So what does the water do when it doesn't get used? It just sits there - and gets "pushed" from behind as more water from the reservoir seeks to move forward through the system. This increases the water pressure, stressing the pipes - and encouraging leaks at the pipe joints and at other weak "stress points". [...]

"Our product is connected to the municipal water system at a neighborhood pipe 'branch,' regulating the pressure flow into that branch pipe which serves the neighborhood residents," Avitbul says. "Depending on household demand for water flow, Aquaguard will regulate the pressure, matching pressure with demand. In places where we have deployed it, Aquaguard has reduced leakage by at least 30%."

Aquagaurd has already been deployed in Jerusalem with promising results, and according to the article they are already seeking to expand throughout Europe including Italy, Germany and Spain.

While the technology is not cheap (it costs about $10,000 per unit), cities may be able to save money in the long term instead of having to acquire the necessary funds to cover the loss via taxes from "generous citizens."

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