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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Famous Song Writer Celebrates Israel At 60

Music makes the world go round--or so they say as one can testify to the success of Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez and even Madonna.

But what some people may not realize is that one guy who has helped arrange some of the verses for these artists is releasing an album aimed at celebrating the Jewish state on its 60th birthday.

(Jerusalem Post) It's a familiar position for the 46-year-old, Florida-based Dermer, one of America's most successful songwriters and producers. But instead of working on one of his Latin-pop mélanges for Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez or Madonna that have won him Grammy nominations and Gold records, Dermer is arranging the verses for a song that's part of his new CD, Israel@60 - We Are Strong. [...]

Due to be released in time for the state's 60th birthday celebrations next month, Israel@60 consists of songs Dermer co-wrote with his BMI award-winning songwriter wife, Robin, and features a collaboration with Gronich, as well as the voices of various groups of Israeli youth whom the Dermers recorded at sites throughout the country on a recent 10-day visit. The finished CD, supported by the Jewish Agency, Israir Airlines and the Daniel Hotels, will be available on iTunes and Amazon, with proceeds earmarked for several Israeli charities.

While there is no specific release date for Lawrence Dermer's upcoming album, I would not be surprised to see some of his work receive attention from both the international and local media.

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Note: Once his album launches, I'll review here on IsraGood (not to mention consider adding it to my iTunes collection).

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