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Monday, April 14, 2008

Chinese Citizens Fascinated By Jews?

(Image: Section of books highlighting Jews' businesses, Credit: Ronen Medzini via Ynet News)

No matter where you go it seems that everyone has an opinion about Jewish people. Some are positive, some are not so positive.

But when it comes to the Chinese, they seem to hold a special awe for the Jewish people.

(Ynet News) Although the large majority of the Chinese have never met a Jew, the prevailing opinion in China praises and glorifies the Jews and the State of Israel. Other pearls of wisdom by the Chinese include: "Israel is small and surrounded by enemies, but manages to survive and succeed," and "China and Judaism are the only things that have maintained their character throughout history."

"Israel and China are close friends," the Chinese like to boast, showing impressive proficiency in the history of China's Jews. And indeed, the Jews owe a lot to China, which served as a haven of rest for Diaspora Jews throughout the pervious century. [...]

A common basic assumption in China and the world is that Jews have money and power. The difference is in the approach towards this assumption. While in many parts of the world the Jews' businesses and dominance are viewed with a feeling of disgust, the Chinese have developed great admiration, even idolization, for the Jewish mind.

The article in Ynet further elaborates how China became a safe haven for the Jews up until the country was invaded by Japan during World War Two.

This probably explains China's and Israel's are so friendly towards each other, not only in trade but also the realm of security as well.

Hopefully relations between the ancient cultures will continue--especially since China is acquiring a new taste for Kosher food.

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