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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Only In Israel: Google And Microsoft Are Friends?

While the two internet giants battle it out worldwide, both have been taking an increasing interest in the Jewish state, with both Google and Microsoft buying out various startups, respectively.

But despite the heated competition between the two, it looks like geeks from both sides of the aisle can come together and actually accomplish some good for the world--for free.

(Globes Online) Google Israel has started a new tradition, with the opening last week of the company's first engineers' conference. The meeting, which was initiated by engineers at the Google R&D center in Haifa, is a professional conference designed to enable engineers from similar fields to meet one another and share their knowledge. The event included lectures by Google Israel staff on technology-related issues and Google applications.

The event, which coincided with Microsoft Israel's Tech Ed conference, was attended by around 100 engineers and high-tech executives from various companies, including Microsoft Israel itself.

Hopefully both Microsoft and Google will consider doing more events like these in the future (in both Israel as well as overseas) as both companies have a lot to offer the world--especially if Microsoft purchases Yahoo! (something I am not too thrilled with).

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