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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Muslim Mosque Celebrates Israel By Painting Itself Blue And White?

This is probably something that you do not hear about everyday! It looks as if a Muslim Mosque located A-Taibeh, Israel has decided to celebrate the Jewish states existence by repainting itself to reflect the nation's national colors.

(Israel Hasbara Committee) In a gesture to Israel and its 60th anniversary the residents of the Galilee Israeli-Arab village of A-Taibeh painted the dome of their mosque blue and white, the national colors of the Jewish state.

"We are residents of Israel. Our religion encourages love and closeness among nations. Jews, Muslims, we are all cousins, right?" the Israel Hebrew daily Maariv quoted A-Taibeh Mayor Hisham Zuabi as saying this week.

"We decided to paint the mosque's dome, the most important, dear, and holy site for us, in the national colors. We are all citizens of the state of Israel. As far as we are concerned, there is no difference here between Jews, Muslims and Christians," he said.

Zuabi added, "The goal is purification, coexistence. A Jew who enters the mosque will not feel hostility, but rather will feel at home."

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate an image of this mosque online, although if anyone within the city is able to take a snapshot of the mosque, you can email me at IsraGood [at] Gmail [dot] com and I will publish it here.

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