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Monday, October 06, 2008

Watchout Iran! Azerbaijan (Your Northern Neighbor) Loves Israel

After cementing ties with Iran's northern neighbor last year, it looks as if Azerbaijan is looking to strengthen more than just economic ties with the kosher state.

(Israel Hasbara Committee) Israel and Azerbaijan have taken new steps to deepen military, cultural and economic ties. On Friday, 26 September 2008 the countries announced a new arms deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The deal is significant since Azerbaijan, a predominantly Muslim country, borders Iran to the south. [note: It is actually located on Iran's northern border]

Of the items to be sold to Azerbaijan, ammunition, mortars and radio equipment are included in the package, which will be represented by several Israeli defense firms.

The signing of the agreement was the latest in several steps aimed at improving the relationship between Jerusalem and Baku.

According to the Israel Hasbara Committee (or IHC), Azerbaijan was actually willing to help out Israel evacuate its citizens trapped in Georgia after Russia invaded the country.

Having another friendly country in the region besides Turkey is a good thing for Israel. (although Iran may not appreciate being half way surrounded by friends of the Jewish state) :-)

(Image Credit: Lonely Planet)

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