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Monday, October 06, 2008

Sarah Palin Supports Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem

With the US elections "all the rage," it looks as if both parties are once again promoting themselves as Israel's best friend.

During the Vice Presidential debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden, the former briefly mentioned her desire to move the US embassy currently located in Tel Aviv to Israel's eternal capital, Jerusalem.

(Israel National News) Republican vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin, in a televised debate Thursday night with Democratic nominee Senator Joe Biden, called for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, echoing Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain's policy. [...]

Gov. Palin opened up the foreign policy part of the debate with support for the two-state solution and a statement that "Israel is our strongest ally." She added, "We have got to assure them that we will never allow a second Holocaust, despite, again, warnings from Iran and any other country that would seek to destroy Israel…. We will support Israel [and] a two-state solution, building our embassy, also, in Jerusalem--those things that we look forward to being able to accomplish, with this peace-seeking nation, and they have a track record of being able to forge these peace agreements."
While her "two-state" solution may not exactly come off as kosher for Israel lovers, her desire to finally move the embassy is good to hear (as both President Clinton and President Bush have delayed moving it, citing security concerns).

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